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Chlorine Dioxide Monitoring - SafeOx offer a comprehensive range of analysis instruments including meters, test kits and test strips that can be used to monitor and detect the presence of chlorine dioxide.

SafeOx MD - Chlorine dioxide photometer

  • Range 0.01 – 3.8ppm - ClO2

The SafeOx MD chlorine dioxide photometer is an advanced hand-held digital meter that offers laboratory standard accuracy, in-field. This single parameter photometer can be used for either laboratory or in-field testing and is compatible with liquid, tablet and powder reagents. The SafeOx MD can accurately measure chlorine dioxide at levels upto 3.8ppm.

The SafeOx MD chlorine dioxide photometer is simple and easy to use allowing non-chemists to make important process decisions at the point of sampling. It's compact, water resistant design makes it ideal for use in-field; it also incorporates an inbuilt real time clock with the facility to store up to 15 individual readings.

safeox-md-photometerKey features

  • Laboratory standard accuracy
  • Easy to use with simple scrolling menu
  • Compact lightweight design 
  • Water resistant
  • Large backlit display
  • Compatible with different reagent formats - liquids, powders and tablets
  • Data capture: 
    • Will store upto 15 individual results
    • Stores date and time with result
  • Other parameter's available, including: 
    • Chlorine (Cl2)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Phosphate (PO4)
    • Copper (Cu)

 Product specification

Parameter Specification                                                      
Measuring range 0.01 - 3.8ppm
Weight ~ 200g
Operating environment Temperature - 0 to 40 oC
Rel. humidity 30 - 90%
Dimensions 170 X 65 X 45mm (L X W X H)
Chemistry DPD - Glycine


safeox-test-stripsSafeOx - Chlorine dioxide test strips

  • Low Range 0 – 1.6ppm - ClO2
  • High Range 0 – 100ppm - ClO2

SafeOx's chlorine dioxide test strips are simple and easy to use. The test strips are available in both low and high range versions and can be used for the semi-qualitative determination of chlorine dioxide.


safeox-drop-testSafeOx - Chlorine dioxide drop tests

  • Very Low Range 0 - 12ppm - ClO2
  • Low Range 0 - 24ppm - ClO2
  • Very Low Range to High Range 0 - 600ppm - ClO2

SafeOx's chlorine dioxide drop test kits are available in a range of options to suit most analysis requirements. The kits are housed in high quality foam filled cases and come complete with a titration bottle, 65 ml reagents, tablets or powders; and an easy to follow waterproof instruction manual.


safeox-comparator-testSafeOx - Chlorine dioxide comparator test kit

  • Range 0.01 – 0.2ppm - ClO2

SafeOx's chlorine dioxide comparator test kit uses an easy to use, high quality comparator and will measure chlorine dioxide from 0.01ppm to 0.2ppm.

This self contained kit is housed in a high quality foam filled case and comes complete with a comparator, 1 comparator disk, 65 ml reagents, tablets, 2 x 10ml plastic cells, a crushing rod and easy to follow waterproof instructions.

Technical support and advice

If you require technical support or advice relating to any of our chlorine dioxide meters or test kits please contact one of our specialist advisors on +44 (0) 161 877 2334 or submit your questions using our Technical Support page.